17 Dic 2015

Thank you 2013! You gave us so much. It was on all accounts a record year.
So, 2013 we want to thank you for…

…taking us to Colombia, USA, Finland, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong, Norway, and of course several places in Sweden. Which now means that we have worked in 28 countries on all continents since we started in 2000. We love global adventures.

… publishing our book on the English market with our release party in New York with Hyper island, The Swedish General Consulate and our publisher Routledge as a great milestone. And thank you  2013 for making the translation in Spanish ready for publishing. We love hearing our own words in different languages.

… giving us new friends in Medellin, Colombia where we have – thanks to Ruta N – worked with fantastic people from companies like for example Argos, Videobase, Hermeco, HMV, Fabricato et cetera. Meetings that has given us friends and experiences for life. We love people.

… making us do the greatly inspiring Scandinavian Innovation Tour visiting organizations like Spotify, Rovio, Vinnova, Tekes, Ericsson, Novozymes, IIttala, Danish Office for innovation policies et cetera. A magnificent tour de force showing the world class innovation edge of the Nordic region. We love the creativity of Scandinavia.

… making us collaborate with new great partners like Zenit design (Sweden), Frog (USA), Smart Textiles (Sweden), Veryday (USA / Sweden), University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), JFK Strategy (Sweden), The Main (Germany), This is a Nice day (Spain), The Swedish Embassy in Colombia (Colombia), The Colombian Embassy in Sweden (Sweden), Routledge (USA), The Swedish General Consulate in New York (USA), Futurewise (Sweden), Big Tomorrow (USA) et cetera. Thank you 2013 for making us remember that together we are strong. Yes, we love to collaborate.

… record revenues. We love revenues.

Thank you 2013 for making us learn so many new things and making us be part of the creation of a new and better world.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!